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Do you need to learn more about digital video in your clinic?
In a 45 minutes private meeting

Learn about video access to observe any therapy session... right from your PC!

With Landro® Play Analyzer,  the study of video for speech, learning disorders, counseling can be done right on your PC.
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Meeting Highlights
  • Observing Live clinical or practice sessions live
  • Recording the session in high-quality digital video
  • Tagging important segments with keywords
  • "Calling up" only the important parts of the video
  • What you will need to consider
  • Landro Process in your Clinic
Join Jerry...
Jerry Salandro, Landro Inventor and CEO will share his 30 years of experience in the video industry.  He has over 50 patent claims for software that allows non technical people to use  video. His technolgy is used in thousand of companies and schools across America. 
Take the guesswork out of updating your observation and video recording system
The webinar will help you take the guesswork out of how to effectively implement your observation, recording and analysis system. We will show you the techniques our most successful customers use...